Classified as Rare, Know the Causes and Symptoms of Water Allergies

Water is a source of human life that cannot be separated from daily activities. However, even though it is very rare, in fact humans can experience allergic reactions to water. Water allergy in medical terms is known as aquagenic urticaria, a condition when the skin experiences an allergic reaction, in the form of redness and itching, after contact with water. Possible Causes Water allergies can occur when the skin surface comes in contact with various types of water sources, including tap water, pond water, rain water, sweat or tears, to snow. Until now, it has not been found exactly what causes a person experiencing water allergies. The researchers said that chemical additives in water, such as chlorine, can trigger an immune response. The response is in the form of release of histamine by the immune system, which is actually used to fight substances that are considered dangerous by the body. So, the symptoms that appear may not be caused by water, but by allergens (triggers a
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